County GOP Reorganization

March 23, 2009

The Georgetown County Republican Party's reorganization is off to a successful start.

State law requires political parties to reorganize every two years.

The precinct meetings on March 9th resulted in a nearly 30% increase in attendance versus 2007, quite an accomplishment in a non-presidential election cycle.

Additionally, almost 25% of the attendees were first-time participants, showing a healthy growth in the county GOP base.

The next step in the reorganization process is for the delegates that were determined at the precinct meetings to convene at the county convention on Saturday, April 4th at the Georgetown High School Auditorium, 2500 Anthuan Maybank Drive in Georgetown. Delegate registration begins at 9:30 am.

Click here for a list (Excel) of all of the county convention delegates.

The convention delegates will elect party officers, state convention delegates, consider resolutions, and hear from some candidates or their representatives for governor and state GOP chairman.

The county party executive committee has a recommended slate of party officers for nomination at the convention. They are as follows:

Chairman- Tom Swatzel
Vice-chairman- R.L. Port
Treasurer- Howard Ward
Secretary- Ruthann Howard
State Committeeman- Jill Kelso

The convention will also elect eleven delegates, plus alternates, to the May 16th state convention in Columbia- seven from the first congressional district and four from the sixth district.

Click here to review a list (Excel) of the candidates for state convention delegates sorted by congressional district.

The eleven state delegates will represent the Georgetown County GOP in Columbia and will have a vote on who is the next chairman of the SCGOP, among other important state and national party issues.

A resolution reaffirming support for the county party platform and calling upon all Republicans, including officers, members, candidates, and elected officials to follow the foundational principles represented in the platform will be offered by the executive committee at the county convention.

Click here to review the proposed resolution.

GOP supporters are welcome to attend the convention, but only registered delegates will get to vote. There is no charge to attend.

For GOP supporters that were unable to attend their precinct meeting, a make-up meeting for all county precincts is scheduled for 7 pm on Tuesday, March 31st at the Maryville Social Hall, 2009 South Frasier Street (Hwy 17) in Georgetown. The meeting is open to all county registered voters.

Call (843) 527-3209 or email for more information about the convention or make-up meeting.