Miller Bucks Conservatives

County GOP News
May 1, 2008

In the following letter published in yesterday's Georgetown Times, Katon Dawson, Chairman of the S.C. Republican Party, sets the record straight concerning Democrat politician Vida Miller's
"radically liberal record."

Republican Jill Kelso is the one to represent Georgetown County's conservative values in Columbia.

Miller Bucks Conservatives

Vida Miller's supporter from the Upstate, liberal Oconee Democrat activist Mike Evatt, quoted me out of context in his recent letter to the editor. So let me today set the record straight: State Rep. Vida Miller's radically liberal record make her wrong for House District 108.

House District 108 constituents support the conservative reform agenda of fiscal responsibility that Republicans in Columbia are fighting for. They voted overwhelmingly to re-elect Gov. Mark Sanford in 2006. Yet Rep. Miller bucks conservatives in the General Assembly time after time. She voted against state spending caps that would have required Columbia politicians to make tax cuts a priority if revenue exceeds a state spending limit. She would rather give excess government revenue to Columbia bureaucrats instead of returning it to hardworking taxpayers. And Rep. Miller voted to kill a resolution that would have stated the General Assembly's firm support for South Carolina's right-to-work laws. Fortunately, there were many more pro-business legislators than Rep. Miller's small minority of labor union apologists.

This year, Georgetown County voters have an opportunity to replace Vida Miller with a leader who will actually represent their values in Columbia. I hope they will do so.

Katon Dawson
Chairman, S.C. Republican Party