God, nature disagree with gay choice

The following column is from the August 20th edition of the Georgetown Times:

God, nature disagree with gay choice

By Tim Callahan

Jamie Sanderson, chairman of the Georgetown County Democratic Party, says we are not to judge. That we are to respect one another's choices, even if that is to support gay marriages.

Then why does he judge Tom Swatzel, Republican Party chairman, and call him a bully?

Swatzel chose to side with 77 percent of the voters of this state in supporting the marriage protection amendment. He pointed out that the Democrats have a link on their Web site to First Freedom First, an organization that doesn't like limiting marriage to a man and a woman.

"The beauty of our party is we stand for choice," Sanderson says. "Ultimately, we are not the ones to decide what is right or wrong, nor are we to be judgmental of a person's lifestyle."

I'm sure John Edwards would be happy to hear that right about now.

But, if the Democrats can't say what is right or wrong, why do they? Why do they lambast President Bush at every turn and say the war in Iraq is wrong? Sanderson's self-refuting statement is ludicrous. If there is no right or wrong, then was Hitler right? We can't say, right Jamie?


However, I have always felt the gay and lesbian issue is a no-brainer for anybody who can forget about Republicans and Democrats and the media, who favor any underdog in a fight, even if the dog doesn't have the equipment to be in the ring.

My point is this. Whether God created us, which I believe He did, or we evolved from a big bang of gases (question: where did the gases come from? Got you, didn't I?), we are made with certain body parts. Parts that fit nicely between and a man and a woman. No parts exist for the man-man, woman-woman scenario. Did God, or evolution, make a mistake? Have we, or will we grow these parts without operations? The answers are no and no.

So support choice all you want, but God and nature have disagreed with your choice since the beginning of creation.

Tim Callahan is an author and freelance writer from Pawleys Island who has covered the Murrells Inlet community for several years.