SC Club for Growth calls Vida Miller's mailing "deceptive" and "hypocritical"

Contact: Matt Moore (803) 454-1134

GEORGETOWN - Today SC Club for Growth labeled "deceptive" and "hypocritical" a post card mailed to voters last week by Democrat state Rep. Vida Miller, District 108, regarding the recent state sales tax holiday on school supplies.

In the mailing Miller said, "Any time government finds a way to let you keep more of your money, we're all better off."

Matt Moore, executive director of SC Club for Growth, said Miller's mailing is deceptive, since she tried repeatedly to kill the tax holiday legislation.

"Vida Miller's attempt to so brazenly deceive voters is pretty astounding, given that she voted against the sales tax holiday bill three times. Then, only when it was clear it was going to pass with or without her, she changed her vote. Now, her postcard misleads voters to believe that she was all for it," he said.

Moore also said it's hypocritical for Miller to tout letting taxpayers keep more of their money when she supported an increase in the gas tax, wants to tax internet purchases, voted against a 20 percent reduction in the state sales tax on groceries and refused to support spending cuts that would have allowed the Legislature to further reduce taxes.

"We call on Rep. Miller to firmly repudiate her past support for further increasing the cost of gas and internet purchases to Georgetown County families, and we urge her to come clean and apologize for a mailing clearly intended to mislead voters by covering up her support for higher taxes and her repeated attempts to kill the tax holiday bill in particular," Moore said.

According to House journals from 2004 to 2008, Rep. Miller voted to sustain Governor Mark Sanford's vetoes of excess government spending only 17 out of 473 times, consistently earning her "F" grades on SC Club for Growth's yearly report cards for not standing up for taxpayers.

"Rep. Miller also needs to apologize for covering up her woeful record of wasting taxpayers' money on pork barrel projects - money that could have been returned to hard working Georgetown County families," Moore added. "Voting one way in Columbia while saying another thing back home is just another example of why voters are fed up with politicians they can't trust."

Click here to view Miller’s post card