GOP urges Cleary to oppose school spending bill, Democrats urge support

April 26, 2010

Both Georgetown County Republican Party Chairman Tom Swatzel and former county Democrat Party Chairman Jamie Sanderson have over the weekend written letters to Republican state Sen. Ray Cleary about H. 4755, a bill that would allow the Georgetown County Board of Education to borrow money to pay for any future operational deficit spending.

Swatzel and the county GOP have urged Cleary to oppose the legislation.
Click here for Swatzel's letter

Sanderson and the Democrats have urged Cleary to support the legislation.
Click here for Sanderson's letter

Governor Sanford is expected to veto the bill today, and the Georgetown County legislative delegation will likely vote on Sanford's veto either Tuesday or Wednesday.

With Democrat Reps. Vida Miller and Carl Anderson, who sponsored H. 4755, voting to override Sanford's veto in the House, the key vote will be in the Senate where Democrat Sen. Yancey McGill is expected to vote to override and a vote by Sen. Cleary to sustain the Governor's veto would cause the bill to not pass.