The GOP primary election is this Tuesday, June 8th!

The polls open at 7 am and close at 7 pm. Your vote is important in determining the Republican Party nominees for the November election- an election in which we must take our country back from the liberal tax and spend Democrats.

The GOP primary also provides you with an opportunity to weigh in through an advisory referendum on two very important issues, the Obama takeover of healthcare and the growth of government spending.

One ballot question asks voters if the state legislature should enact protections against socialized medicine being implemented in South Carolina. The other asks voters whether the legislature should cap the growth of state spending.

SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd said the purpose of the referendum is twofold - to send a clear message about Republican voters' expectations, and to get more conservative voters engaged in the primary process.

"Across the state, both Republicans and conservative independents are genuinely worried about the impact of socialized medicine, and about the dangers of explosive spending," Floyd said. "We are giving voters the opportunity to speak unequivocally about the importance of both these issues, and to send a clear message that we expect action."

Click here to view a Georgetown County composite GOP primary ballot, including the advisory referendum questions.

Go to to view information about the candidates or for voter information.

The runoff election will be held on June 22nd.