Where Does Vida Miller's Money Come From?

Published in the July 28, 2010 edition of the Georgetown Times:

It is always interesting to find out who is contributing to re-election campaigns of our elected representatives, especially in an election year, to see if our representatives are actually representing their constituents or other entities.

According to a recent media report, Democratic state Rep. Vida Miller has raised about $22,000 for her re-election campaign.

A review of her campaign finance report is revealing as to where the money is not coming from – the constituents she represents.

In the eighteen month period since the last election, Miller has managed to get financial contributions from only eight individuals she actually represents, totaling just $1,000 or less than five percent of total contributions for the election cycle.

Where did the rest of the money come from?

Outside special interests, big corporations, and other politicians. Almost a third of Miller’s money came from healthcare insurers Blue Cross and Select Health of SC (an HMO), healthcare related PACs, and drug maker Bristol Myers Squibb. Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, Time Warner, Phillip Morris, and Coca-Cola Bottling are also helping fund Miller’s re-election.

PACs representing the interests of payday lenders, manufactured housing, alcoholic beverages, trucking, and car dealers have all given money to Miller.

Liberal Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn even gave Miller the maximum contribution allowed by law presumably because Clyburn wants Miller re-elected because she stands with Clyburn and the Obama administration on policy.

Miller’s campaign financing is symptomatic of what ails politics today. An entrenched long-serving incumbent that in reality is beholden to interests well beyond her constituents.

Linda Caswell
Pawleys Island