Radio ad focuses on Vida Miller's liberal record

The Georgetown County Republican Party is running a radio ad that highlights Democrat Vida Miller’s extremely liberal record.

The ad focuses on her refusal to support the S.C. Marriage Protection Amendment, support for increasing the gas tax, votes for wasteful pork barrel spending, the fact that she sponsored a bill that would give state-issued, taxpayer funded debit cards to politicians to pay for their campaign expenses, and the big-name liberals who have contributed to her campaigns.

Here’s the script:

Female 1: Hey Sue, you get those postcards about Democrat Vida Miller's voting record?

Female 2: Yeah.

Female 1: Well, it's all true. I checked. Vida Miller did not support the Marriage Protection Amendment in South Carolina, even after 77 percent of voters voted for it.

Female 2: Is it true she wants to raise the gas tax too? That'll drive up the cost of gas and groceries, and anything else we get by truck.

Female1: True. Been pushing that for years. And get this, she sponsored a bill to give politicians a tax-funded debit card to pay for their campaigns.

Female 2: You mean taxpayers ... we would be forced to pay for politicians' campaigns, even ones we oppose?

Female 1: Right, plus she had the worst record in Columbia on pork-barrel spending, just like Obama.

Female 2: No wonder all the big-name liberals gave her campaign money: Jim Clyburn, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Howard Dean, John Edwards.

Female 1: Plus that multi-millionaire woman who bankrolled the campaign against protecting marriage.

Female 2: Well, I won't be voting for Vida Miller.

Female 1: Amen.

This message was paid for by Georgetown County Republicans, Georgetown GOP-dot-org

Click here to listen to radio ad