GOP Victory!

Election Day was outstanding for Republicans in Georgetown County.

All Republicans on the ballot in the county won except for Jim Pratt in the Sixth Congressional race against Jim Clyburn.

Kevin Ryan overwhelmed Vida Miller in Georgetown County to become the youngest member of the state House.

From a state perspective, Republicans were elected to all of the state constitutional offices- quite an accomplishment.

But these victories could not have happened without generous financial contributors and extremely hard working volunteers.

Between the SCGOP Victory 2010 office in Pawleys Island and Kevin Ryan’s campaign, volunteers made nearly 15,000 telephone calls to voters, involving almost 600 volunteer hours.

I want to say a special thanks to our county Victory 2010 co-chairs, Jim and Joyce Jerow, who were responsible for recruiting volunteers and organizing this outstanding effort.

The Georgetown GOP had nearly 30 volunteer poll watchers on Election Day looking out for the interests of our candidates.

And we had countless numbers of GOP supporters who put up yard signs, wrote checks to candidates or the party, sent postcards to their neighbors and friends, or wrote letters to the editor in support of our candidates.

To all I say thank you so much for your efforts!


Tom Swatzel- Chairman
Georgetown County Republican Party