Georgetown City Democrats and Skyrocketing Taxes, Utilities, and Fees

Published in the Georgetown Times- February 20, 2011

Local fees, rates, taxes

It appears that Mayor Jack Scoville is afflicted by a touch of amnesia concerning the fact that Georgetown City fees, utility rates, and taxes skyrocketed under the Democrat Party-controlled city council over the last several years.

From FY 2007 to FY 2010 city residents and business owners were hammered by the following increases:

  • 39% increase in sewer rates
  • 33% increase in storm water rates
  • 32% increase in property taxes collected
  • 25% increase in water rates
  • 10% increase in business license fees
  • 9% increase in sanitation fees
All of these increases were imposed despite an extraordinary city budget surplus.

When publicly confronted with these facts in 2009, then City Councilman Scoville did not dispute the huge increases at all, he actually defended them in the media.

According to an October 2009 Sun News article, Scoville said these double-digit tax and fee hikes "do not reflect large increases" and “were necessary to make up for years" of taxes he says weren’t high enough.

Scoville said in the Georgetown Times that same month that the city has “carefully raised rates" because "our tax rates were out of order."

I suspect Mayor Scoville and the three incumbent Democrat city council members that are up for reelection this year are hoping that city voters will also be afflicted with amnesia in November.

Tom Swatzel- Chairman
Georgetown County Republican Party