County GOP challenges Democrat Vida Miller to identify 'accusations and untruths' in radio ads

Contact: Tom Swatzel 843-222-7456

GEORGETOWN-- In response to a Democrat state Rep. Vida Miller email calling ads and mailers about her legislative and issues record "accusations and untruths," the Georgetown County Republican Party sent a letter today to Miller challenging her to specify her claims.

County Party chairman Tom Swatzel wrote, "In the email you characterize the contents of these ads and mailers as 'accusations and untruths.' I challenge you to specifically identify the 'accusations and untruths' you allege are not factual." Click here for letter

Six weeks ago, the county Republican Party started running a series of radio ads that targeted Miller's refusal to support the marriage protection amendment, her opposition to Governor Mark Sanford's efforts to cut wasteful spending, the financial contributions her campaigns have received from nationally recognized liberal Democrats John Edwards, Howard Dean, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Dick Gephardt, her support for an increase in the gas tax, and opposition to offshore drilling.

Swatzel lists factual documentation for the party radio ads in his letter.

In her October 23rd email to "friends," Miller asked for "help in every way possible," with her campaign and wrote, "I am happy to discuss any of the accusations and untruths that are circulating through ads and mailpieces." Click here for email

"I am not aware in the six weeks that the county GOP has been running these ads, that you have ever demanded that the party or the radio stations pull the ads off the air because they contain 'untruths'," Swatzel wrote.

"When it comes down to it, I suspect your bluster about 'accusations and untruths' is simply a smokescreen to distract voters from your actual legislative record and position on the issues, which is quite liberal and out of touch with Georgetown and Charleston county values," he continued.

Miller faces Republican Jill Kelso on November 4th for the House District 108 seat.