Democrat Vida Miller's support for gas tax increase, opposition to drilling, and ‘present’ votes on marriage amendment targeted in latest GOP radio ad

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GEORGETOWN -- The Georgetown County Republican Party today started running radio ads that target Democrat State Rep. Vida Miller's support for increasing the gas tax and opposition to offshore drilling, and her refusal to vote for the state’s Marriage Protection Amendment.

The ad on the gas tax and offshore drilling states in part: “Been to the gas pump lately? The Sun News reported that Vida Miller, quote, ‘supports a gas tax increase, even though many people cringe at the thought,’ unquote. . .What about offshore drilling, so we're not dependent on terror-exporting countries in the Middle East? Vida Miller told the Georgetown Times, quote, ‘I cannot support state legislation that would allow drilling’...unquote. Make the price we pay for gas even higher? Oppose letting America drill here at home? . . . We can't afford higher gas. We can't afford Vida Miller.” Click here to listen to ad

Georgetown County Republican Party chairman Tom Swatzel said, "Liberal Democrat Vida Miller is way out of touch with the working families in Georgetown County, who simply cannot afford higher taxes on gas.”

“Even Nancy Pelosi now supports allowing offshore drilling. Rep. Miller is now to the left of some of the most liberal politicians in the nation and without a doubt to the left of mainstream values in Georgetown County,” he said.

The other ad is a continuation of a series of county GOP ads that have targeted Miller’s refusal in 2005 to vote in favor of putting the Marriage Protection Amendment on the ballot and her refusal in 2007 to vote in favor of ratifying the amendment even after 77% of her constituents voted in favor of the amendment. In both cases, Miller was recorded as “present” on the House floor but did not vote.

It uses audio of Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaking at this year’s Republican National Convention about Barack Obama’s failure in the Illinois state Senate to cast a vote on numerous pieces of controversial legislation despite being recorded as present.

The ad states in part:

Giuliani: "Nearly 130 times, he couldn't make a decision. He couldn't figure out whether to vote yes or no. ...He voted present. ...It's not good enough to be present."

Female: That goes for Vida Miller too. Twice -- once before, and again after the people of South Carolina and Georgetown County voted 77 percent to constitutionally protect marriage between one man and one woman -- liberal Democrat Vida Miller refused to vote for our state Marriage Protection Amendment. Both times, she voted "present."

We need a legislator we can trust, who shares our values. When it comes to protecting Georgetown County families, Rudy's right, Vida.

Giuliani: "It's not good enough to be present." Click here to listen to ad

“Georgetown County needs someone in Columbia that we can trust to cast votes to protect our traditional family values, instead of siding with extreme liberal activists by not voting at all,” Swatzel said.

Five weeks ago, the county Republican Party started running a series of radio ads that, in addition to targeting Miller's refusal to support the marriage amendment, made issue with her opposition to Governor Mark Sanford’s efforts to cut wasteful spending and the financial contributions her campaigns have received from nationally recognized liberal Democrats John Edwards, Howard Dean, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Dick Gephardt.

Miller faces Republican Jill Kelso for the House District 108 seat in November.